Estate Planning Services

Bloomfield CFO

Estate Planning Services When contemplating the inevitability of passing away, people naturally want to secure long-lasting financial security for their families. While this task is both emotional and complicated, our team of professionals understand the importance of such matters and apply their expertise toward an effective estate planning approach. Once that decision is made, estate planning begins with the examination of one's current financial affairs; ensuring that present debts are paid will prevent unpleasant consequences from being transferred after one's passing.

Beyond sorting out current finances, estate planning includes drafting wills and living wills, executing powers of attorney and setting up trusts for children and grandchildren. Estate planning is important for anyone who holds significant assets, whether brokerage accounts, real estate, a profitable business, a home or valuable material possessions like paintings, classic cars or antiques. At Bloomfield CFO, we can assist you with all the education and documentation for a smooth estate planning experience. This assures that finances and business transition will be taken care of without the burden of court proceedings, hefty legal fees or transfer taxes in the wake of one's passing. From choosing guardians for children to establishing trusts for charities, estate planning ensures that people are able to plan what happens to their assets and pass on family values, so their families will continue to thrive once they're gone.