Retirement Planning and Funding Services

Bloomfield CFO

Retirement Planning and Funding Services With that long-awaited retirement just right around the corner, it's important to plan every financial detail to prepare for a life without work. Retirement planning and funding goes beyond your 401k or other pension benefits; it involves looking at current expenses and weighing it against whatever type of retirement income that's expected to stream in. We have developed an “Income Planning to Age 100” model that allows us to schedule out a plan for expected income of all different types and with varying tax consequences in an understandable format allowing a client to see what he or she can expect during retirement. It also has the significant advantage of utilizing all types income at the right time and in the most tax efficient way possible.

While retirement planning is often dealt with toward the end of a career, it's essential to start thinking about those finer details before that expected retirement date. Planning early with us can address any potential vulnerabilities that come with retirement or help devise the best plan for funding a comfortable and productive retirement. To ensure a stress-free life without work, let us assist with a future of enduring financial security.